Wastewater Treatment Chemicals

Chemical treatment of wastewater is now considered as a tertiary treatment that can be more broadly defined as “treatment of wastewater by a process involving chemical treatment”. The mostly implemented chemical treatment processes are chemical precipitation, neutralisation, adsorption, disinfection (chlorine, ozone, ultraviolet light), and ion exchange.

Depending on the composition of the wastewater the chemical and physical treatments often occur in individual advances. Wastewater containing water insoluble substances or colloids are effectively treated through processes such as sedimentation, filtration and centrifugal separation. Flotation is another process, where substance particles stick to fine air bubbles due to adhesive forces, depending on the wastewater’ composition. Warranium Energy Environmental Expert often uses as part of the physical treatment stage. Re- liable, mechanical preliminary cleaning is particularly im- portant for the treatment of municipal wastewater in order to prevent damage in the subsequent treatment stages.

Chemical wastewater treatment powers contaminants that are dissolved in wastewater to separate all the more easily through the targeted addition of specific substances. During precipitation, a previously dissolved substance is transformed into a dissoluble substance that can be filtered from the liquid. Different methods of pollutant removal are particle exchange, flocculation, UV and ozone treatments.

We offer extensive ranges of chemicals for wastewater treatment applications, which are effectively used to reduce and prevent issues in commercial and industrial wastewater treatment systems.

Products and application information

Warranium Energy supply high-performance and economical wastewater treatment chemicals include:

Coagulants – Inorganic and Organic
Organic coagulants are generally used when sludge generation is required. Polyamines will generally treat higher turbidity raw water (approximately >20 NTU) viable.

Inorganic coagulants are especially compelling on raw water with low turbidity (total suspended solids concentration) and will frequently treat this kind of water when organic coagulants can’t.

Warranium Energy supplies a wide range of inorganic coagulants for process optimisation include Aluminum Sulphate (Alum), Aluminum Chloride, Polyaluminium Chloride, Ferric and Ferrous Sulphate, Ferric Chloride.

Flocculants gather the destabilised particles together and cause them to agglomerate and drop out of solution. Warranium Energy flocculants are designed to improve clarification, flotation and solids dewatering in the form of liquid and dry.

Sludge Conditioners
Polymers and flocculants help the dewatering of sludges to achieve highest possible cake solids.

Neutralise acids and bases at lowest cost with least solids generation. Warranium Energy has a variety of acids and bases for neutralisation and alkalinity control. Acids include inorganic and organic acids and the bases include caustic soda, soda ash, lime, magnesium oxide and magnesium hydroxide.

Magnesium Hydroxide
Magnesium Hydroxide-Mg(OH)₂ is a unique non-hazardous neutraliser of acidic wastewater. It is well suited for a variety of commercial and industrial wastewater treatment applications.

Heavy Metal Precipitants
It provides metals removal to ultra-low ppm concentrations

Defoamers line eliminates foam from all processes: food processors, pulp & paper, textile, automotive and metal finishers. Food grade defoamers available.

Activated Carbon and Organoclay
Powdered and granular products for removal of highly soluble contaminants including BOD, COD, pesticides, PCBs and colours.

Odour Control Agents
A variety of chemicals and systems to control obnoxious odours. Products to control sulphide, sulphur and anaerobic/septic-based odours.

Cleaners for all situations including RO and UF. Our product line includes general purpose, degreasers, alkaline, acidic and chlorinated cleaners.

Oxidising and Reducing Agents
Warranium Energy offers a variety of oxidising and reducing agents for applications such as hexavalent chromium reduction and sulphide and chlorine oxidation.

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