Sampling, Testing and Environmental Monitoring

Warranium Energy can help you with:

  • Environmental Monitoring Program Design
  • Routine Environmental Monitoring and Water Sampling Programs
  • Impact and Compliance Reporting
  • Complex Environmental and Public Health Monitoring
  • Laboratory Liaison

Routine observing programs of the plant and environment enable you to monitor conceivable impacts your activities may be having on your people, plant as well as the environment. A consistent, regular program with sound scientific and engineering establishment will give you confidence that you are doing the right things to meet your environmental obligations. You will have the opportunity to learn about your operational impact and how to minimise it pro-actively and economically.

Routine monitoring programs of the plant and environment are designed differently depending on their specification, capacity, purpose and where you are in the business life-cycle. Help us match your particular needs to the most relevant standards, guidelines, licences or permits (if they apply) and, of course, your own operational requirements.

We can devise an effective, yet economic program that fits your needs, location, environment and purpose of monitoring of the treatment plant.

Routine Monitoring Program involves:

  • Sampling program design
  • Sample collection
  • Laboratory liaison
  • Interpretive reporting
  • Remedial actions for all aspects of water quality

Warranium Energy can monitor your:

  • Sewage
  • Trade waste
  • Effluent/process water
  • Portable water
  • Groundwater
  • Water and wastewater treatment plants
  • Irrigation water
  • Recycled water
  • Soil
  • Plant Tissue