Technical and Management Consultancy

Warranium Energy can help you with:

  • Water and Wastewater Treatment
  • Water Resource Management
  • Water and Wastewater Networks

Warranium Energy’ experts address worldwide water and energy by working across the recycle from water and renewable energy, resources and supply, processing and treatment, to sewage and discharge and power generation. Warranium Energy is working with municipalities, real estate, utilities, and industrial clients (sugar, dairy, food, chemical, textiles, automobiles and much more) we draw on multidisciplinary expertise to create sustainable, innovative and liveable solutions for our clients and society.

Warranium Energy delivers a wide range of water-related counselling, renewable energy management; from early phase strategic analyses and project scoping to designing and implementing infrastructure solutions.

Our clients include water and wastewater treatment, solid waste management, solar power generation, governments, local and regional authorities, developers and construction companies, as well as industrial companies like chemical, textile, dairy, sugar etc.

Understanding the water business:

The successful effective design, development and maintenance of our water infrastructure require the integration of numerous disciplines. Warranium Energy’ team has wide-ranging skills spanning advisory and specialist technical services. We apply them on every kind of project, from water resource planning to treatment works to design and engineering.

Warranium Energy has a team of experts – mainly engineers, biologist, hydraulic specialists, water and sustainable energy consultants but also economists, legal advisors and management consultants – working with water and renewable energy projects on a global scale with more than ten years of demonstrated experience.

We generally endeavour to adopt a holistic approach and create innovative and creative solutions. As an expert, we take our point of departure in creating an incentive for society and we treat water as an extremely important resource for our next generation.