Our Services

As an expert in feasibility and design, Warranium Energy offers insightful approaches to deliver the best value engineering and operational solutions for wastewater treatment and solar power, and provide the complete detailed engineering, process design and project management services.

An innovative mindset focused on absolute delivery underpins everything we do.

  • Plant Design and Process Engineering

    Warranium Energy presents comprehensive Plant Design and Process Engineering Services that include design, analysis, process and procurement solutions.

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  • Plant Constructions

    Since the corporate's efforts against environment programs are subject to priority, it is a good time opportunity to increase your corporate value by making 'Green Act'.

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  • Zero-Liquid Discharge Management

    Zero-liquid discharge (ZLD) is an engineering approach to the treatment of wastewater where all water is recovered and contaminants are reduced to solid waste in the form of dry or wet sludge.

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  • Plant Commissioning

    Treatment plants are commissioned to test the specifications and Pollution Control Board Standards. To achieve the most predictable and stable operation we bring the plant on-line at a steady and controlled rate and maintained the standard parameters.

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  • Repairs, Optimisation and Refits

    Treatment Plant Upgrades are needed for several reasons including new technology requirements, changed volumes or uses.

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  • Operation Maintenance

    When you work with Warranium Energy, you put your plant in the hands of the experts.

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  • Sampling, Testing and Environmental Monitoring

    Routine observing programs of the plant and environment enable you to monitor conceivable impacts your activities may be having on your people, plant as well as the environment.

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  • Technical and Management Consultancy

    Warranium Energy’ experts address worldwide water and energy by working across the recycle from water and renewable energy, resources and supply, processing and treatment, to sewage and discharge and power generation.

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