Zero Liquid Discharge Management

Warranium Energy can help you with:
  • Treat and handle variations in waste contamination and flow
  • Allow for required chemical volumes adjustments
  • Recover liquid waste for reuse and better manage produced water
  • Treat and retrieve valuable byproducts from the waste
  • To produce a dry, solid cake for sludge or disposal
  • Control the quantity of effluent and quality of water to be reclaimed or recycled

Zero-liquid discharge (ZLD) is an engineering approach to the treatment of wastewater where all water is recovered and contaminants are reduced to solid waste in the form of dry or wet sludge. While many treatment processes of wastewater attempt to maximise the recovery of freshwater and minimise waste, Zero-liquid discharge is the most demanding target since the cost and challenges of recovery increase as the wastewater gets more concentrated. Salinity, sealing compounds, and organics all increase in concentration, which adds costs associated with managing these increases. Zero-liquid discharge is achieved by stringing together water treatment technology that can treat wastewater as the contaminants are concentrated.