Plant Design and Process Engineering

Warranium Energy presents comprehensive Process Engineering Services that include process and procurement solutions.

Our clients spread across the various industry like paper, sugar, chemical, textiles, foods, dairy, the residential and commercial estate are verticals associate with us primarily for the width of our Plant Design and Process Engineering services. Our successful track record in project management and project engineering gives the clients required confidence, that they are forming the right strategic decision by collaborating with us. Warranium Energy has cross-functional teams of engineering and management, wherein customers benefit from the team’s capability to optimise plant process and designs for cost- effectiveness, reliability, operability and maintainability.

Our expertise and skills lie across multiple engineering and management stream such as process, piping, civil, mechanical, structural, renewable energy, electrical and instrumentation, bio-engineering, operation, supply, procurement and much more. Over the years, Warranium Energy has set up skilled teams for several clients, ranging from multimillion-dollar SME to large scale companies. Customers also see distinct value in their relationship with Warranium Energy, as the services we deliver have an ideal level of synchronisation between engineering excellence, innovation cost and schedule effectiveness. Our technical team acts as an extended engineering arm to support the client.